Driving at the speed of the Nordic sun

a film by Xárene Eskandar

Soundtrack by Xárene Eskandar using segments of
Emergence 1 Silence by Daníel Bjarnason from Over Light Earth.

A 4-hour single-take film shifting bodily self-perception from earthly to galactic. 

Shot during a 4-hour day in Icelandic winter, the sun's path of travel is shifted from its east-west trajectory to a vertical line matching our perceptually-built language of 'sun up' and 'sun down'. What kind of body do we have to be to experience reality as distilled by our language?

US premiere April 2017, Reykjavík Festival, Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Iceland premiere August 2015, Mengi, Reykjavík.

Photography book of the process is available on blurb.